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How to get a zoom recording link – how to get a zoom recording link:.So You’ve Made a Zoom Recording…Now What?

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Jan 26,  · Click on the stop icon when you’re ready to stop the recording. Your local recording. Your local recordings are stored to your computer hard disk. By default, they’re in your Documents folder in a file named zoom. Here are more details on finding your local recordings. You can also enable automatic recording, a setting that is off by default. Your . May 21,  · Sign in to the Zoom web portal. In the navigation menu, click Account Management then Recording Management. You will see a list of cloud recordings on your account. Search recordings by entering the meeting ID or topic. You can also enter keywords to search the text in audio transcripts. Nov 16,  · Sign in to the Zoom portal > Go to Settings > Recordings > and search for this setting. If you do not want the viewers of this recording to authenticate, you can turn this off. Keep in mind that you will lose analytics if you choose this option. Example: The ability to see who has viewed the recording. I hope this has helped you.

Viewing and Sharing Your Zoom Recordings – FBRI – How Do I Share A Recorded Zoom Meeting?


Below your recording cloud, click Download. On the Zoom account screen, click on Recordings. Step 2: Click Share… You can copy the Zoom cloud recording link and paste it into the message app for your corporate colleague, which should appear in their inbox once. Zoom desktop can be signed in with your email address.

On the Settings page, click your profile picture. Click Recording. Open that folder by clicking Open next to Local Recording. When you are viewing a cloud recording, click Share on the record page. Once your recording is recorded, you will see a pop-up window for sharing. Sign into newschool. Your audio transcript VTT file can be found at the same URL where your meeting recording is stored, ready for you to download and edit.

If you want to display the transcript as captions , simply view your recording and click the CC icon at the bottom right of the screen. If you want to reach a wider audience, you can upload your MP4 recording to a video hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo, or your own website.

If you want to share with only a select audience, you can send a link to the cloud recording. All you need to do is copy and paste the link from the original email you received, or click the Share button on your recording management page for a sharable link.

For local recordings, we recommend uploading your video file to a cloud file sharing service, like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive, so you can easily share it.

Need more cloud storage? Explore additional Zoom licenses or our optional add-on plans at zoom.


How To Share A Recorded Zoom Meeting Securely In The Cloud

If the recording isn’t finished processing, Processing Recording will be listed to the right of its name. Go to your account settings to choose an option to optimize your recording for a 3rd-party video editor for the best results. Hover over a file to play it, or click Download , Share , or Delete. While Zoom does offer private cloud hosting and password-protected sharing features to paid subscribers, administrator controls over cloud recordings are limited, which introduces enough room for user error to create a sizable security risk when it comes to sensitive meeting recording assets.